The Ten Highest Paying Construction Trades

If you like working with your hands, one of the ten highest paying construction trades may be more fulfilling to you than college degrees and office jobs.  You can turn a trade into a great business.  And when I say “great,” I mean not only financially, but also enjoyable, rewarding, and provide the freedom you want to […]

Excavating Tips: Be Safe Or Sorry

Because excavating and trenching are a part of all construction projects, it is necessary to understand the safety hazards and how to prevent injuries.  Even OSHA has invested time, work, and money into the study of excavation and trenching to develop safety guidelines for the protection of construction workers.  This article presents not only the difference […]

Construction 101: The Step-by-Step Process of Completing a Project

The construction industry is a complex and nuanced field of work, but the construction process on a foundational level can mostly be explained in simple terms which is what we have attempted to do here. If you’ve ever wondered what the basics are when it comes to the construction industry and how construction providers in […]

10 Business Management Tips For The Construction Industry

One of the main factors that plays into how well construction providers in St George UT fair against their competition is how prepared they are (or aren’t) to the varying economic environments as well as how they react to them. A proactive game plan is necessary for all business issues, particularly the critical ones. All […]

The Art Of Construction Plumbing

Too often, a new construction plumbing job ends up with mistakes, which can be very costly to repair later.  Most of the new plumbing is hidden after the house or building is completed. The plumbing is underground, in walls, or in ceilings and floors, so mistakes are not detected until they cause serious water problems. […]

Construction Labor in Saint George Utah

The best of times and the worst of times have occurred in America for construction labor.  With fluctuations in economic growth and the real estate markets, new construction has risen and fallen like a perpetual roller coaster, affecting millions of people who depend on the variety of construction work for their livelihoods.  This article presents […]

The Seven Construction Jobs in Highest Demand

With the forecast that the construction industry will continue to grow through 2020, it presents an appealing place for job training and employment. Some construction jobs require only mental work, and others require both mental and manual labor, so you can take your pick that suits you. This article presents the seven construction jobs in […]

Construction Damage From Earthquakes in Southern Utah

While not common knowledge, Southern Utah’s populated areas are considered “earthquake country,” experiencing about 300 hundreds of events of seismic energy every year.  The strongest earthquake occurred in 1992 at the Washington Fault, which runs from the Arizona strip through Washington Fields and the City of Washington. It caused damage to buildings in Hurricane, Springdale, […]

Construction Companies Within Southern Utah

There are many types of construction companies within Southern Utah.  Some restore a building after damage from fire or flood; some build spec homes to sell in a particular area of development; some build million-dollar custom homes; and others build schools, municipal buildings, hotels, malls, and recreation centers.  This article presents a few of various […]

Becoming LEED Certified: What is it and is it Worth it? – Part 2

This article is a continuation of our previous article about construction companies in St George Utah titled Becoming LEED Certified: What is it and is it Worth it? – Part 1. Construction companies in St George Utah that are LEED certified are much more attractive and appealing to potential workers seeking jobs. Statistics show that, both […]