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A Beehive of Commercial Construction in Saint George

Large multi-million dollar construction projects are underway in Southern Utah, especially in Saint George.  The largest of them is a massive expansion of the DRMC (Dixie Regional Medical Center) on River Road. With the hospital expansion, some downtown redevelopment, modifications to transportation lines, home and business facility developments, and new schools, commercial construction in Saint George, Utah is a beehive of activity.

Fastest Growing City

Poised to keep its place as the country’s fastest-growing metro area per capita, St. George city planners, engineers, developers, and contractors are hard at work.  Housing developments are springing up to meet the demand in Little Valley, Washington Fields, the Tonaquint area, and Green Valley. New commercial construction in Saint George is expected to give both residents and visitors more places to stay, shop and recreate, with large-scale shopping centers coming to River Road and also at the new Mall Drive Bridge.

Downtown Projects

The new tax incentive district has made it possible to develop further the city center of St. George.  This will add vitality and money to downtown Saint George. For example, the new City View will have a variety of uses and will be constructed at the corner of Main Street and St. George Boulevard.  It will include three four-story buildings with shops on the ground floors and apartments above. Between 200 West and 300 West will be the Joule Plaza, another multi-million dollar commercial project.

Medical Care Projects

Currently, the largest project for commercial construction in Saint George is the IHC addition.  In 2016, Intermountain Healthcare started its $300 million expansion of the hospital on River Road.  It will add 400,000 square feet for labor and delivery, imaging clinics, intensive care, pediatric and neurological patient beds, neonatal intensive care, and more space for emergency and surgical departments.  The expansion will effectively double the current size of the DRMC in St. George.

Area Commercial Projects

Commercial construction in Saint George would not be complete without using the space vacated by the old airport.  In the planning stages is a new business and technology park on the mesa which was once the city’s airport.  Dixie State University and Dixie Applied Technology Center are coordinating the project. Also, new hotels and shopping centers are set to be constructed on either side of the Mall Drive Bridge, and the Sun River area will also see new commercial construction.

Transportation Improvements

Plans to improve transportation involve better accesses for bicycles, buses, and vehicles.  The interstate 15 freeway will get more lanes in strategic spots, and a few surface streets of Saint George are being widened for more traffic as well.  For example, a widening project is underway between 900 East and 1000 East along St. George Boulevard to ease flow along the nearby freeway interchange and intersection with River Road and Red Cliffs Drive.

Education Construction

The new Dixie Applied Technology College building is in progress atop the mesa, just west of the city’s center, and Dixie State University hopes for more state funding to fuel the construction of a new health and human performance center.  It also hopes to increase student housing and parking availability.

So, commercial construction in Saint George, Utah is alive and well.


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