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Challenges in Store for Affordable Housing in St. George – Part 1

Due to the fact that the majority of St. George residents who make up the area’s working class are pretty much priced out of Washington County’s housing market, county decision-makers have refocused their efforts hoping to dodge a serious dilemma – affordable housing challenges.

By the year 2050, it is estimated that the area will be in need of low-cost housing units in excess of 30,000. This prognostication is the result of a recent analysis conducted in 2017 assessing the affordability of the area’s housing stock considering building contractors St George Utah and, as you can see, the results didn’t paint the prettiest of pictures.

As of the latter part of 2017, the number of units in Washington County that make up what is referred to as affordable housing units was just under 1,000. This number is unfortunately low when considering demographics. The results show that the county is apparently ill-prepared to meet the needs of the wide spectrum of income earners in the area despite the many building contractors St George Utah. Residents who are homeless, disabled, and elderly, for example, have a greater need for support when it comes to housing and unless alterations are made to the current housing situation, more problems could surface. Essentially there aren’t enough low-income housing units in Washington Country and we need to hire building contractors St George Utah to construct more of them.

Many of you may have noticed that it isn’t very easy to find an affordable home in the St. George area, particularly in the last handful of years. To some, this might seem strange to a degree due to the fact that St. George is consistently on national lists of the fastest-growing U.S. cities, so building contractors St George Utah are certainly busy. Yet the fact remains: affordable housing in Washington country is not where it needs to be. The difference from just Cedar City to St. George is quite large, in both availability and affordability. Many Cedar folks wish they could move to St. George to be closer to their jobs but they just can’t find a place to rent that they can afford. For property managers looking to rent out homes or townhomes with larger square footage than a conventional apartment, finding tenants happens almost instantaneously. But for apartments that exist within the lower price-range, choices are sparse and vacancies are few and far between. Prospective renters looking for a place to rent in the $1000-or-less range in Washington County have a difficult time finding something because all of the rental options in that range are already occupied.

The demand for housing in the coming years is only going to go up as St. George’s status as an extremely desirable location continues to hold strong which will definitely give building contractors St George Utah a lot of work in the foreseeable future. But a lot more affordable housing projects by these building contractors St George Utah need to be put in place in order to accommodate the demand as the area strives to become a welcome living area for people of all income brackets. The population of Washington County is expected to grow (according to detailed research conducted at the U of U) by over 300% through the next 50 years. This report also projected that in that time, over 70,000 homes would need to be built by building contractors St George Utah and just under half of those would need to be designed for less-than-median-wage residents.

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