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Helpful Advice When Navigating the Commercial Construction Process

Anyone in the St. George construction industry knows that the process of completing commercial construction in Southern Utah can be quite daunting at times. Beginning with getting the project approved and ending with closing out the project, the experience – though rewarding – can be taxing, to say the least. There are many things that can alter the overall experience, such as if your commercial project involves renovation or ground-up construction, or if you’ve been involved with one single project or multiple ones, or if the local jurisdiction is heavily regulated or not. At Watts Construction, we’ve been working with commercial construction in Southern Utah for decades. Here is some advice to help your commercial project run a bit smoother and with a bit less stress.

Ask a lot of questions

Don’t worry about asking “too many” questions. Contractors typically have a lot of experience and certainly aren’t supposing that you know everything there is to know about everything. Get as much clarification that you need by constantly asking questions, particularly in the early stages of a commercial construction in Southern Utah project as this will drastically decrease or eliminate potential issues. Questions that you should be asking can include “Are there additional fees that I may not be aware of”, “How long is it going to take to get approval from city officials”, or “Does my jurisdiction have a strenuous approval process”?


One of the most important elements of commercial construction in Southern Utah is effective communication. One way to help achieve this is to always have a point of contact in the middle of the construction team and yourself. Also, make sure that you’re using technology in your communication efforts. Cloud-based software is used by the most efficient St George construction companies as it allows architects, field teams, and project managers to communicate centrally in one place.

Regular meetings

Especially during the approval stages of commercial construction in Southern Utah, you should be attending any public meeting or hearing that involves your project, like city council meetings and planning/zoning meetings. And make sure that you’re having meetings of your own every week or at least twice a month, and have them on the job site. If a conference call is the best you can do given the circumstance, make sure to have one regularly. Make sure all important parties are present at these meetings, like subcontractors, architects, construction managers, and owners.

Keeping a rigorous schedule

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it still needs to be covered. Make sure the project has a target date. If there’s no goal, it will take a long time to get the project finished. Even though schedules rarely go as planned in commercial construction in Southern Utah, it is absolutely imperative that you have one that is as meticulous as possible. Hold everyone to it and consistently follow up on progress according to the schedule. You never know what can happen to potentially throw off the schedule so you always need to be prepared to alter the schedule when necessary.

Preemptive planning

Make sure that in your planning process, you provide ample room for the approval process. You never can be sure how long the approval process will take. Sometimes it can take over 6 months and other times less than 3. You just never know. When it comes to commercial construction in Southern Utah, Government officials are notorious for untimeliness and costliness, so be aware. City officials may even suddenly spring something on you that requires you make an unplanned change. The better and more thorough your planning is, the fewer issues will present themselves and the smoother your project will go. The best problem-solving technique is planning for them. Commercial construction in Southern Utah will be a lot more rewarding and less time-consuming if proper planning is implemented.