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Budget and Scheduling Advice for St George Construction Companies – Part 1

Two of the most important aspects of St. George construction is staying within budget and keeping a timeline. This can sometimes be difficult given all the external factors that often work against you in residential and commercial construction St George Utah. Regardless of how daunting a particular project may seem, you must always do everything you can to honor your budget and completion dates. This article will provide some advice in these areas so you can be as efficient and effective as possible in all commercial construction St George Utah. Let’s start with keeping timelines and talk about project schedules.

Be sure to use a meticulous project schedule in commercial construction St George Utah so that you know precisely how long each step of the process should take. There are a handful of specific steps that always need to be considered when it comes to project schedules. They are coordinating, controlling, directing, staffing, and organizing. (1) Coordinate everyone involved in the project so that everyone knows what they’re role is as well as the role of others so that everyone can hold themselves and others accountable for their responsibilities as well have a unified vision of the entire project. (2) Control the project by frequently reviewing all plans so that any discrepancies can be identified and fixed right away. (3) Direct everyone involved in the project by making sure they have proper training, are supervised and guided accordingly as well as motivated to always give their best. (4) Staff the best available people and fit them to tasks and roles according to their strengths and abilities. (5) Organize the project appropriately so that the sub, the contractor, and all other parties involved understand their role and timeline. The construction project manager in commercial construction St George Utah is one of the most important roles on site because they are essentially in charge of all that.

Meticulous scheduling in commercial construction St George Utah has many benefits. With proper scheduling, a safely and professionally constructed building will be the end result. But there are many other benefits such as time saved, money saved, resources utilized efficiently, and delays minimized (or eliminated altogether). You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you’re doing things on the fly or playing it by ear, so to speak. Bad project scheduling can result in work being duplicated and other unnecessary issues.

An important aspect of scheduling in commercial construction St George Utah is the fact that there are smaller-scale schedules that exist inside of the large-scale schedule. Most commercial construction St George Utah projects are complex and require many different types of schedules to be in place. Some of those include schedules for delays or changes, look-aheads and short intervals, subcontractor scheduling, and crew chases. (1) Making schedules for delays and changes is important because things always come up that require schedule alterations. It always needs to be accurate which means you have to be able to quickly adapt it to new circumstances. Network diagrams must be kept so that time extensions with compensation can be noted accordingly. (2) Look-aheads and short intervals must be tied weekly to the master schedule so that important tasks are not overlooked. The schedule must show the last two weeks of progress in addition to as well as what is scheduled for at least three weeks in advance. It should also show all tasks completed in the last month. (3) Subcontractor scheduling is vital because all subcontractors have to understand and be committed to their required dates. This should be signed in contract form.

This article will continue with the commercial construction St George Utah post: Budget and Scheduling Advice for St George Construction Companies – Part 2.