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Becoming LEED Certified: What is it and is it Worth it? – Part 2

This article is a continuation of our previous article about construction companies in St George Utah titled Becoming LEED Certified: What is it and is it Worth it? – Part 1.

Construction companies in St George Utah that are LEED certified are much more attractive and appealing to potential workers seeking jobs. Statistics show that, both internationally and domestically, a very positive market uptake exists for LEED. The international aspect may not apply directly to construction companies in St George Utah, but if you are an owner or employee of a construction organization that has aspirations of branching out beyond the borders of the U.S., becoming LEED AP certified is a very wise decision. It holds a lot of weight, perhaps more than many in the industry realize.

Remember that somewhere in the $400-$550 range is what you will likely have to pay in order to acquire full accreditation with LEED AP. Often, when informed of these costs, construction companies in St George Utah and elsewhere feel that it’s not worth the money, not to mention the additional time and future fees that are required to stay accredited long term. In fact, there are many voices in the industry that feel that the whole LEED AP system is not what it appears to be in the sense that the energy savings of a non-LEED building compared to one that is LEED certified is negligible. These people openly question policies laid forth by the government in regards to LEED and warn companies – construction companies in St George Utah – to be wary of jumping on the LEED bandwagon so quickly. There are also some who accuse the LEED program of essentially providing a system that can be easily taken advantage of, allowing participants to basically increase their LEED score through meeting certain academic (or checklist) requirements but not really increasing how green their projects actually are, all the while boasting of their high LEED score. The program has been accused of allowing the completion of trivial and nonessential tasks as ways to increase LEED point totals, things that don’t truly make a project or building more green at all.

Those in the industry who defend the LEED program say that they recognize that the system is not yet perfect, but they have full faith that over time the kinks will be ironed out and the fruits of the program’s true intentions will be experienced by all who take it seriously, including construction companies in St George Utah. As those who initiate the program continue to learn what works and what doesn’t, what’s worth incorporating into the program and what isn’t, the LEED system will be highly beneficial to all involved. The system is designed, more than anything, to be an educational tool for construction companies in St George Utah and everywhere else, a tool that spreads awareness and knowledge of the importance of being environmentally conscious in the construction industry. When one makes an effort to make themselves aware of all the fantastic resources that the LEED program makes available, architects and others in the industry can learn so much about any particular topic that has to do with building green.

As construction companies in St George Utah strive to maintain their LEED AP accreditation, their knowledge and expertise on being environmentally smart and effective in every project they undertake will only increase which can do nothing but help their business as well as make everyone involved feel more proud and more pleased with their output. More than anything, being LEED ATP accredited shows your community and the people you work with that you have cared enough to take the time to arm yourself with at least the basics of energy design and environmentalism as it pertains to construction companies in St George Utah.

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