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Construction 101: The Step-by-Step Process of Completing a Project

The construction industry is a complex and nuanced field of work, but the construction process on a foundational level can mostly be explained in simple terms which is what we have attempted to do here. If you’ve ever wondered what the basics are when it comes to the construction industry and how construction providers in St George Utah complete projects, this is an explanation of how it works in its simplest form.

It’s important to note that a single construction project initiated by any one of the construction providers in St George Utah involves many different organizations, including contractors and consultants. A lot of people help bring a project from inception to completion. Not one single “company” is solely responsible. Let’s understand the process from the basis of one speculative project.

It all begins with a client. This could be anyone from a regular individual or private business to a department within the government to a local authority or even a property development company. The client, after much deliberation and planning, first decides what is being built, including the cost and timeframe. Once this has been decided, a consultant is brought on board with the responsibility to oversee the project. These organizations range from electrical/mechanical/structural/civil engineers to architecture practices. The consultant will do a lot of advising particularly to do with regulations, cost, and design. Depending on the size and scope of the project, more than one consultancy can be involved. But mainly, the consultancy designs the structure of the project and how much it will cost. Consultancies usually include architects and civil engineers within the organization so that the project’s technical details can be verified. Quantity surveyors are also commissioned by the consultancy to establish an overall cost. Consultancies are typically involved in many projects simultaneously, some of which take years for construction providers in St George Utah to complete.

Now enters the construction contractor. This is the organization that does the actual building and constructing. This process involves the client and consultant reaching out to various construction providers in St George Utah and obtaining bids, which is essentially a price quote and an explanation of why they should be chosen. At the point where a company is selected from among the many construction providers in St George Utah, construction commences. The contractor meticulously follows all of the detailed plans that have been set forth by all parties involved so that the timeframe, budget, and quality are all adhered to. If there are any questions or concerns regarding the design at any point, they refer to the design consultancy. There are many different roles within a contracting organization. These include craft/trade people, quantity surveyors, civil engineers, and site managers. Contractors are used to working in all types of weather, during any hour of the day or night, striving to meet deadlines. Remember that contractors don’t have anything to do with the creation of the project plans, only the execution of them.

And finally, that brings the discussion to subcontractors. These are basically smaller construction providers in St George Utah that perform specialized tasks that require special knowledge or skills on a construction project. Tasks such as electrical work, plumbing, foundational work, structural steelwork, reinforced concrete works, and many others are often completed by subcontractors. These folks follow the same guidelines and project outline as the contractors, meeting deadlines and reporting to those that have hired them.

As you can see, there is a quite a lot that goes into a project that involves construction providers in St George Utah when you consider the entire process from start to finish.