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Budget and Scheduling Advice for St George Construction Companies – Part 2

This article is a continuation of our previous general construction in Southern Utah post: Budget and Scheduling Advice for St George Construction Companies – Part 1.

Another type of schedule where general construction in Southern Utah is concerned are crew chases. This involves making sure that you know where important labor crews and each piece of equipment (especially large ones) are at all times. Consistently tracking the location of these things is vitally important. Accidentally scheduling the same piece of large equipment or two different crews for the same location can cause serious problems and waste large amounts of time, not to mention lower productivity and morale.

Now let’s discuss scheduling delays. Sometimes there is simply no way of avoiding them so companies involved in general construction in Southern Utah must be prepared for them and have a plan in place for when they occur. There are three different types of delays within general construction in Southern Utah. They are excusable (non-compensable), excusable (compensable), and non-excusable. Remember that compensable means “for which compensation can be obtained”. Compensable excusable delays are the most desirable of the three if you had to pick one. In order for a delay to be compensable, documentation must be impeccable, noting the time and location of every single delay and change including all pertinent details. Document everything! A schedule for general construction in Southern Utah that is not up-to-date will kill your chances of a delay being compensable. If you want your delay to be compensable, you must complete a schedule analysis which involves looking at both the actual and estimated impact and comparing the two. And know that a delay must be categorized as critical in order to even be considered as potentially compensable. Float time should never be identified with critical tasks, by the way.

You must take all delays very seriously, even the smallest potential ones. A cumulative and chronological analyzation must be performed. The completion date must be altered in lieu of every excusable delay. Lower the chances of possible delays in the future by incorporating as-built information that is accurate and precise. This is a good way to make sure that there are no alterations to float calculations which can have a negative impact on critical path tasks for general construction in Southern Utah. All flaws in the schedule must be corrected including logic flaws and document changes. In order for a delay to have a chance at being compensable, causation for the delay must be clear.

Here are a few more tips to help you with scheduling:

-Track progress on a regular basis. Don’t procrastinate anything that has to do with updating or altering the schedule. It’s better to be safe than sorry with general construction in Southern Utah.

-All schedules must be structured. See where different aspects of the project can be separated into sections and group together tasks that are similar. When important elements of the work are completed, try using milestones to designate the process.

-When allocating resources for general construction in Southern Utah, make sure to use tools. Online tools can be very useful, such as the ones that automate resource allocation. These tools can let the workers know exactly what time they’re supposed to be somewhere and where they’re supposed to be.

-Make your scheduling fast by using templates. This will help you avoid accidentally skipping over certain activities. These templates will have available all the necessary scheduling steps and make task completion so much easier.


Scheduling is one of the most important aspects of general construction in Southern Utah. Use this article as a resource, as well as others found online, to make sure that you are a schedule master.