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How Commercial Construction Can Help In The Middle East

Over many years, peace in the Middle East has eluded even the best efforts of accomplished politicians and other powerful proponents.  Clearly, diplomacy has failed, so there must be another innovative strategy to make the difference. This article argues how commercial construction in the Middle East may just be the answer to greater peace.

The Effect Of Commercial Construction on America’s Relations With Its Neighbors

Let’s begin with an example of the United States, where commercial construction has been ubiquitous for at least 200 years.  Is the USA without strains in its relationships with neighboring countries?  No. But do these squabbles lead to sudden and violent attacks, killing men, women, and children?  No. Why? Because the free enterprise system in the USA has led to so much strength in military and technology that the neighboring countries dare not to attack it.  Commercial construction creates jobs for both the construction workers and the customers who are gained after the business is put into action.  Jobs allow families to thrive and pay taxes, which strengthen the economy, transportation infrastructure, and the military.  A strong military generally deters enemies from trying anything foolish.

The Effect of Commercial Construction On People’s Mindsets and Priorities

When people are engaged in a good cause, such as a business venture, it becomes more important than grudges and quarrels over who should live where and whose religion is right.  A man who pours himself into his profession has little time or energy to plan ways to fight the neighbors over past wrongs; he is consumed with the construction of his business, its marketing, management, and success.  His goals are focused on prosperity for his family, not on avenging his people. It’s an attitude, and for many, a paradigm shift in the way the world is viewed. Commercial construction is a key to stimulating that sort of paradigm shift.

The Effect of Commercial Construction on Daily Activities Of People in The Middle East

When there are prevalent projects of commercial construction in the Middle East, the people would wake up in the morning and think of the project and how the business can affect their family.  They are less likely to give place in mind for vengeful thoughts and fighting. They would eat a healthy breakfast because they are determined to both be productive and increase life expectancy to be a blessing to their children and grandchildren.  I doubt the soldiers of Hamas, Israel, or Palestine are eating breakfast with family before going out. An infusion of western free enterprise would decrease contentions among warring factions over whose land is whose and whose God is the real God.  Family, peace, and prosperity would trump hatred, as long as the people decide to love family more than revenge.


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