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How To Find The Best Construction Provider In St. George

Hiring a construction provider can be risky business, considering all the things that can go wrong in a project. Besides shoddy work, there are other things that tend to bring angst and regret. The time taken to complete the project, the possible safety hazards that emerge because of unaware or untrained workers, overcharging for services, workers ignorant of city construction codes, questions from immigration services, and liabilities that sometimes occur with neighborhood or environmental concerns all can present problems. This article presents possible problems that can occur with a construction project and offers some good advice on how to find and hire the best construction providers in St George, Utah.

Shoddy Work

One would think that if a construction provider is listed in white pages or on the internet, he must be trained and skilled. Not so. Anyone who needs money can register a business and advertise it. So, unfortunately, you might get a person who is not very skilled at all, making mistakes and requiring costly redos. Even people with the best intentions can be prone to messing up a project. I recall hearing a conversation at Church about a man who built some shelves for somebody and has handyman skills. I hired him to work with me for one day on a pigeon coop. I like to use the 1 to 10 scale for describing many concepts or abilities. If a first-class, professional carpenter is a 10, then this guy was a 4. I consider myself a 5 or 6, and my two brothers are probably 7 and 8. He knew just enough to cause some problems with the project, but he was willing, strong, and helped me all day. I paid him quite well and learned a lesson about assuming somebody is talented just because I heard it at Church.

The Time it Takes to Complete the Project

If an experienced contractor does not have enough assets/money to push through busy times, the contract will not be honored. This means that the construction of your new house may take one year, instead of four months. If a subcontractor does not pay his crew well, it’s hard to keep them. The subcontractor may always be searching for new workers, and this delays progress in your project.

Safety Hazards

Improper electrical wiring can cause major problems, from bad circuits, malfunction to burning people or the house to the ground. In one of my house projects, the contractor did not anticipate rain, so when it poured, the water ran from the yard into the house. A good construction provider will grade the landscape to slope away from the house to keep water out.

City Codes and Overcharging

I remember hiring a handyman to build a roof on a chicken coop. He insisted that the thicker, heavier (and more expensive) OSB wood was required by city code to place on the roof before the barrier and shingles. It cost me more money, so I called the city to check on that. The handyman was mistaken. I wondered if it was a convenient way for him to raise the bill.

Neighbors, Environment, and Politics

Sometimes a neighbor will complain about the noise of nail guns, saws, etc. Most cities allow construction noise in residential areas until dark. Some cities will forbid noise after 9:00 or 10:00 PM. Environmental factors may be involved when workers leave litter, chemicals, paints, or tar on the ground. These can end up in water runoff, contaminating streams, ponds, and canals. Remember when Mitt Romney was accused by his detractors of hiring illegal immigrants to work on the landscape of his house? He simply said that he hired a legitimate, legal, insured company and did not know the immigration status of all the crew. This is one example.

Where to Look

References, references, references. The best way to find and hire construction providers in St George is to ask for references. References can come from the company itself, the review pages online, websites like Angie’s List, or friends and  family. Ask about whom they have hired and whom they trust.


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