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Nine Things To Ensure A Successful Construction Project

Experts say that if you do these nine things, you are very likely to have a successful construction project.  Not only to avoid headaches with decisions along the way, but also you will be able to stay in budget and be happy with the time of completion, the functionality, and the quality of the end result. Here are the nine things to ensure a successful construction project.

1. When selecting of a site for the proposed facility, you must perform your due diligence: analysis of the prospective sites for visibility, zoning, availability of utilities, future growth allowance, street access, topography, easements that affect the usable area, and costs.  If you don’t figure out those items, you could “pay the fiddler” later in a big way.

2. Make sure you hire an architect and engineer who are familiar with regulations and statutes in the State of the proposed project.  Regulations vary from state to state, so you can save some time and money by working with experts who have experience in the state of construction.  This will help to ensure a successful construction project.

3. Be careful in sizing your facility.  Collaborate with the people who will actually use the building to focus on the necessary dimensions of rooms and common spaces.  Then share the information with your designers, and get their input. Visit similar buildings, and ask the tenants about their satisfaction with room sizes and what they wish would have been done better.

4. Expect material and labor costs to change; specifically, be prepared for these costs to rise.  Union negotiations will affect wages, and the price of oil and gas will affect transportation costs which are added to materials pricing.  So, to mitigate these effects on your budget, get the job done as quickly as possible.

Communicate To All Involved

5. One of the best things you can do to ensure a successful construction project is to consult your market and the people who will use the facility.  If your building will house medical professionals, get their input. If it will house lawyers and accountants, get their input. If it’s a shopping center, talk to the owners and managers of other shopping centers.

6. One of the things often forgotten, but is one of the best things to ensure a successful construction project is “Don’t forget temperature and humidity control.” They can make or break you in terms of happy tenants, especially if the workers require certain temperatures and humidity levels to do their work successfully.  Temps and humidity affect quality control. Discuss with architects the possibility of upgrading the HVAC system from a standard rooftop system to something within the structure. Otherwise, it will be difficult to maintain a suitable temperature and humidity levels.

7. In a professional services building or in any type of factory, you must integrate equipment into the plan’s drawings.  This takes conversations with the equipment users and facility managers.

8. Another one of the things to ensure a successful construction project is that you do your best to foresee expansion needs.  If the construction project will have a function that can grow, then consider how growth will affect not only the building modifications, but also parking, bathrooms, and common areas.  Don’t overlook this step in ensuring a successful construction project. Consult with your experts on how to keep part of the building in use and generating revenue in case of renovations, updating, or repairs.  You don’t want to shut down the entire building during renovation and lose revenue at these times.

9. Be prepared for a crisis.  Fire, storm, power outage all can present problems for business activity in the building.  Be sure to incorporate emergency sprinklers, fire extinguishers, evacuation pathways, and generators to keep people safe and working, if necessary.

Take it from experience.  These nine things are meant to ensure a successful construction project.


Article By: Clear Content Marketing