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How To Market A Saint George Construction Company – Part 1

As a Saint George construction company owner, it can be hard to balance your time between both construction services and marketing efforts. Both aspects of the business are of equal importance and one should not take priority over the other, particularly in the beginning stages of a Saint George construction company. If you can become proficient at multitasking these two important areas, you will be heads and shoulders above the competition. This particular article, however, will discuss the marketing aspect of running a Saint George construction company and how to effectively use marketing to get your sales up without breaking the bank and depleting all of your time. You have to get the word out about why potential clients should choose you for the Southern Utah construction needs. Here are some suggestions that will help you do just that in an affordable and viable manner.

Prioritizing Your Online Presence

In the modern business world, including in the St. George, UT area, a new business without a website is making a colossal mistake. So much of the business culture, no matter the industry, has shifted to the internet. Even construction companies must have good-looking and consistently updated websites if they truly want to make a name for themselves. Marketing without a website is extremely difficult for any company today. If you don’t have one yet, you need to have one constructed as soon as possible. Being able to say to potential customers “visit our website” is beyond valuable. It’s likely that you’ve already had many people ask you, “what is your website?” which should be a good indicator of the importance of having one. The benefits of having a website can take up a whole book, let alone a short article like this one, so for now it will suffice to say that having a website legitimizes your organization – makes it real – as well as acts as a wonderful avenue for instant information that people can access.

Business Listings

When it comes to local service-based industries, few things are as important as online business listings. Google reviews, in particular, carry immense weight in the public’s ability to find your company’s information and website online. If your Saint George construction company is not listed online, you may as well be a shadow. This is the way that the majority of consumers get their information that helps them decide which company to go with. They read reviews, look at business listings online, and browse websites. Be sure that your business listing is accurate and constantly updated when changes like address or phone number are made in your organization. If the phone number of your Saint George construction company is wrong or your address is incorrect, even by one character, it can have drastically negative effects on your ability to gain new clients.

Utilize Social Media

A Saint George construction company not utilizing social media will likely have a hard time getting ahead of the game. Whatever your personal opinions are towards it, the fact remains that tens of millions of people spend hours a day viewing their social media accounts. It’s a great and necessary way to get exposure and to grow your brand and help people become familiar with who you are and what you’re offering. Even other sites like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter are extremely effective ways of communicating with potential and existing clients. Marketing through social media as effective an avenue as any other that exists in today’s corporate world.

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