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Suggestions For Construction Provider Referrals

Saint George construction providers must spend significant portions of their budget on obtaining referrals through various means in order to be truly successful. In this particular industry, giving monetary rewards in the form of gift cards (Amazon, Walmart, etc) works a lot better and makes a lot more sense than trying to give $100 discount on the project itself. These types of incentive, gift cards in particularly, often result in customers referring their friends and filling out surveys. Social media should be used and watched closely so you can determine over time where customers are engaging with your company and through what medium. In addition to these points, here are some other ways that Saint George construction providers can increase their referral count.

Get People Talking

Saint George construction providers should constantly be generating content in various forms. Potential clients should be reminded of your projects, capabilities, and expertise regularly. When you are an organization that makes a clear effort to stay active in the industry, sharing ideas to the public, educating them, and leading in various ways, respect and referrals will come your way. Make your website a place where people can get all their information about what’s going on in the construction industry and other Saint George construction providers. And of course, use social media and create contests and giveaways for people who share a particular post, for example.

Take Advantage of Your Culture

Saint George construction providers should put their culture on display for the public to see. You’ll get referrals from this method, but one that will lead to quality employees. When your company has a fun event, post about it on your site or on social media so people see what a great and enjoyable company your are to work for and include a statement that you’re hiring. This seems simple but it works. Culture is incredibly important and people gravitate the most appealing environments. This isn’t a referral method that leads to clients, but it’s close in importance.

Have A Referral Plan In Place

This is imperative for Saint George construction providers. Its focus can be social media, email, or something tangible, but you must have something in place that has been planned out, organized, and communicated to all relevant parties within your organization. The likelihood of someone buying from you when a friend refers them is much higher than otherwise. Use simple calls to action in your messages. Don’t overcomplicate it. Consistent output of new content that calls for the engagement of the reader will be very helpful during economy dips. Make sure to keep yourself apprised as to the new and trending ways that other Saint George construction providers are utilizing their referral programs. Also, with all the talk of referral programs for Saint George construction providers moving to the digital realm, never discount the power of a handshake deal. They are still as powerful as ever.

More Digital Referral Suggestions

With all the negative talk you might hear about “annoying” emails, the fact remains that it is an extremely effective way for Saint George construction providers to get referrals. Create an email campaign and get people to sign up for it so they can receive your newsletter and updates. Remind them of current projects that are going well, updates within your company as well as local updates that are relevant. Plug your culture and your brand so that it becomes familiar to the public, so that your company takes up residence in their minds. Kindly ask for referrals or online reviews at the end of these email. A large number of people will be willing to write reviews, but very few people are usually willing to take 30 seconds to 2 minutes and complete a survey. Surveys are important so be sure to make nice and appealing incentives in your email marketing when you need people to fill take surveys.


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