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How to Increase Sales By Effective Branding in the Construction Industry – Part 1

Effective branding is one of the most important aspects of a business. Every business, no matter what the industry or whether the business is national or local, all must brand themselves appropriately and productively in order to truly succeed. This most certainly applies to the construction industry. Successful branding for Southern Utah construction companies will result in trusting customers who are willing to pay for your service and recommend it to others. The perception of your Southern Utah construction company that you want people to have and whatever your company aspires to be is solidified with branding. You want your target audience to know you by your brand. Your brand has to mean something, represent something, stand for something. Here’s how Southern Utah construction companies should approach branding themselves.


The phrase “you get what you pay for” applies here. Having your nephew who says he’s good at graphic design create your company logo for you probably isn’t the best idea. Have your logo designed by professionals. Also, Southern Utah construction companies are advised to spend somewhere between one ten percent of overall revenue on marketing and branding needs to be a part of that. There are many ways to budget for branding. One option is to go with the one-year method which means creating a specific branding plan that fits inside a 12-month period, taking it one year at a time. If you do this, plan for unexpected situations that could require collateral. Another method is to examine your competitors spending habits in regards to branding and mirror that amount in your own spending. It can be difficult to calculate exactly how much competitors are spending, but this can still be an effective method for Southern Utah construction companies to start branding. This method is also good at helping you gauge the effectiveness of your branding efforts when put up against the efforts of your competitors.

What Are You Known For?

When it comes to Southern Utah construction companies, you don’t want to be regarded as cheap. High-quality work and experience are what you want to be known for. Other words you want to be known for would be good value, good quality, well-managed, fair, trustworthy, reliable, and professional, to name some more. It’s dangerous for Southern Utah construction companies to brand themselves with phrases like “lowest prices in town” because this almost always translates to low margins. Price is assumed as part of good value. In construction, value is much more important than price and the customers you want to attract are the ones who understand this. Your brand should never be associated with a cheap product but rather should advocate positive values. Southern Utah construction companies sometimes struggle with not crossing this line in their branding efforts.

One way to accomplish this effectively is to view your brand as a person, not a business organization. We associate people with words like personality and character. These qualities determine a person’s behavior, language, and dress. The brand of your construction company should incorporate these things so that the public knows what to expect when they use your services. Consistency in all customer actions is imperative to your brand (particularly if you care about receiving positive online reviews. We would suggest actually writing down the personality that you want your company to have so that all employees have an understanding of your branding vision. Specific responses to certain possible scenarios should be consistent throughout the construction company. Be predictable, uniform, and consistent. This strengthens your brand as much as anything else will. When the personality of Southern Utah construction companies is clear, next comes branding visually.

This article will continue with the Southern Utah construction companies article How to Increase Sales By Effective Branding in the Construction Industry – Part 2.


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