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How to Increase Sales By Effective Branding in the Construction Industry – Part 2

Appropriate Logo Selection

We mentioned logos briefly in the budgeting section of Part 1 and it begs more attention. First of all, when having a logo created for your Southern Utah construction company, make sure you have it professionally done. When it comes to logo design, you certainly get what you pay for. Pay a generous amount to get a great looking logo. Companies like oDesk, 99Designs, and Fiverr are cheap and certainly offer a good service, but local advertising or branding firms tend to produce a higher quality product. The public should be able to tell right away that your organization is clearly a Southern Utah construction company just by seeing the logo. Ideally, they should even be able to discern the type of construction you do from the logo, as well. If your logo isn’t communicating specific information, it isn’t working. A slogan accompanying the logo can be a communicator but don’t let it by the primary one. Also, make sure that the colors are chosen wisely since they’ll be part of the face of your company for a long time and will show themselves on all other company merchandise and clothing.

Market-leader recognition is the picture that you want your logo to paint. It needs to generate calls all on its own. Obviously, the name of your Southern Utah construction company should be incorporated into your logo and function nicely together as your clothing, trucks, stationary, etc. will all bear the name and image. When your name and brand become synonymous with one another with he help of a quality logo, the great work that you do will truly begin to become your brand.

Utilize the Internet

After brand and logo creation, the next step for your Southern Utah construction company is creating a website. Naturally, you’ll want to use the exact same color schemes as your logo to maintain continuity across all branding platforms. This is another area where the quality of the finished product tends to reflect the amount of money put into it. If you have a large budget with available funds, it is recommended to pay for a stellar-looking website rather than a slapdash one. The more professionally you present your Southern Utah construction company to the world, the more inclined the world is going to be to trust you. In addition to creating a website, you also need to create a blog and social media accounts where original information is published regularly. Facebook, Google+, and others will give you huge SEO benefits. You want to do everything you can to enhance Google’s opinion of your site so it gets placed at or near the top of search results locally. Investing in SEO is a wonderful idea and can put you ahead of the competition if done properly.

Market Your Experts

Another extremely helpful venture that will help tremendously with branding is marketing team members, specifically the ones the are absolute best. Directly associating your brand with specific people within your Southern Utah construction company can be a huge boon to effective branding. This is because the public trusts (with their money) who they perceive as experts. Branding someone as an expert will lead the public to trust your company because they trust the person. To do this, send these experts to the trade shows, to the networking groups, and so on. Let them represent your brand.


Remember that not everything you try where branding is concerned is going to work perfectly. There will be some trial and error within your Southern Utah construction company. But doing nothing won’t get you anywhere. Trying and failing leads to success. Spend some real time and money on effective branding and you will certainly see the fruits of your labors.

This article is a continuation of the post How to Increase Sales By Effective Branding in the Construction Industry – Part 1.

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