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8 Attributes of Successful Contractors

How do you know you’re dealing with successful St George construction contractors? Here are signs that confirm success in the industry.

A Clear Vision

Those who run the company in the sea of St George construction contractors must have perfect clarity concerning its direction and goals, their brand, and how they want the public to perceive them. A clear vision of who they are, where they want to be, and their desired position in the market is necessary for success.

Solid Leadership

A vision is also necessary when it comes to leadership. Construction contractors and their owners need to know exactly how to lead, how they specifically want to lead, and how to gain respect from those who work for them. A culture vision is also part of solid leadership.

Proper Training and Education

Education and training must be continuous. Constant training in every relevant field should be a priority. Any opportunity to teach should be carefully seized. Perhaps you schedule a meeting with your employees before (even weeks before) a job’s start date to educate and train. Contractors should be perpetually training their workers.

Constant Communication

Crew meetings need to be held daily. Some contractors give these meetings names like huddle or tailgate to add flavor. Regardless of what you call them, make sure they happen every day so that you can communicate the goals and direction of the company, of the particular project, etc. This instills confidence and respect in you as the leader, as well as provides peace of mind to employees that they are in good hands.

A Fun Culture Where Employees Can Enjoy Themselves

The most successful contractors make a concerted effort to foster quality relationships, have a good time, and celebrate success. The better your employees can be at communication, particularly with customers, and the more friendly they learn to be with everyone, this will do as much for the reputation of your organization than almost anything else.

Replace Emergency With Urgency

Construction contractors who treat everything as an emergency will have high employee turnover. If you want to energize and inspire your employees, replace emergency with a sense of urgency. This involves being open with the people within your organization, no matter what role they play. Communicate with everyone what you expect from them individually and be transparent about the ebbs and flows of the company so that employees work with urgency, not emergency.

Quality Incentive Plans

Everyone enjoys getting paid. But on top of regular wages, use creativity and create additional rewards and bonuses based on exceptional performance. Doing this will create healthy competition to excel within the industry as people typically work harder and better under incentive programs. Don’t make them too complicated. Make them simple and achievable.

Let The Employees Participate

Certain employees will eventually rise to the top, showing drive and determination to excel above the others. Let these exceptional workers, once they have demonstrated the proper technical skills, to help make important decisions in regards to planning and executing jobs. Let them give feedback before, during, and after the completion of a project and sincerely consider it. In fact, create circumstances where every employee is given an opportunity to give voice and know that they are being heard. When everyone within St George construction contractors feel that they matter and that they can affect change for the better based on their personal experience and opinions, their loyalty to you and the organization will soar and you will see that the work they do is of higher quality than it would otherwise be.


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