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4 Suggestions on How to Eliminate Construction Delays

The majority of disorganized projects in the construction industry share one common characteristic which is failing to wrap up by the deadline. Having difficulties finishing on time is hard on the budget. Many locals argue that St George construction delays are inevitable and that keeping a strict schedule is not possible. Construction managers can implement a handful of tactics that will certainly minimize delays, and in many cases eliminate them altogether. It doesn’t matter what role you play in your Utah construction company. These suggestions apply to everyone. Keep your project on track by heeding the following advice.

Diminish blockers and delays

The main issues that make it hard to stay punctual in the construction industry are blockers and delays. Due to the sequential nature of the business, it is usually difficult to avoid St George construction delays. Unexpected rain on the day the schedule says it’s time to pour concrete would be an example, or when subs are late, or when shipments are held up in transit, and other similar occurrences. Blockers, on the other hand, are tasks that must be done before other things can take place, no matter the circumstance. For example, the foundation absolutely must be poured before masons can lay bricks. Though you can’t predict everything that will or not happen, one thing that you do have control over is how meticulously and careful you plan the project. Doing so will help you notice potential blockers and delays well before they occur or have a chance to become a problem.

Enhance management techniques

Failures during construction projects can often be traced back to inefficient management. Everyone knows that the highest level of project responsibility is placed on managers, including pressure to meet all deadlines. If the manager doesn’t do a good job of coordinating materials, labor, and role assignments, you can’t expect to avoid St George construction delays. The best project managers are expert multitaskers and have the astute ability to handle many responsibilities while simultaneously diminishing blockers and delays. Take steps to increase your managerial and leadership skills if you feel they are lacking and you will make a big positive impact on the projects under your stewardship.

Proper planning

Nothing avoids St George constructions delays more than great planning. A detailed plan needs to be all-encompassing as well as malleable so that updates can be made when necessary. Challenges will be pinpointed quickly when a precise plan is in place which will result in time and money saved. Proper plans also need to include coherent timelines, notations from important conversations with subcontractors, as well as finished drawings. Plans need to be incredibly thorough and comprehensive, turning every conceivable stone over so that all bases are covered. Good plans will also take into account any foreseeable variable that could alter the plan in any way, including precise steps to deal with such situations. Many St George constructions companies use eSub or similar services to assist them in generating the best plans possible.

Responsibilities and roles are clear

The number of roles and titles inside a St George construction company are numerous and include but are not limited to managers, subcontractors, contractors, and many more. If each individual person, from the bottom to the top, doesn’t know exactly what their role is and what they are expected to do, this can create a negative domino effect that will most certainly cause St George construction delays. Similar to blockers discussed above, if one person doesn’t do their job it then makes everyone else’s job harder. Holding everyone accountable for what they are expected to accomplish is vitally important in this process as well. Make sure that you receive confirmation from each person that they understand their role and responsibility. Allow them to express concerns and to ask for job clarification. Honestly consider feedback and incorporate it into the overall plan. When employees feel like they don’t matter or don’t have a voice, you’re not going to get their best work.


There are definitely more items that could be included in this discussion, but take these suggestions to heart and begin to eliminate as many St George construction delays as you possibly can.


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