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How to Acquire Quality Construction Employees

A common grievance expressed by local contractors and builders is the difficulty associated with acquiring reliable construction employees in St. George. Many companies assume that the help will naturally find them somehow and feel that it isn’t necessary to put much effort and resources towards finding good people. Owners who operate this way typically have a hard time fostering a positive work environment that yields retention and loyalty. Producing a favorable workspace is incredibly important construction companies everywhere. No matter the size of your corporation, you must take steps toward attaining this if you want new and existing St George construction employees to stay and grow into quality supervisors, managers, etc.

One thing that is for certain, in this area, there is no shortage of willing people looking for work. If you seem to be having a difficult time finding people, you may want to consider that the reason could be a negative reputation of your organization which keeps potential workers away. Another aspect of this particular industry that should be remembered has to do with how desirable (or undesirable) working in construction is. How many kids do you think would say “construction worker” when asked what they want to be when they grow up? Close to none, most likely. You need to somehow alter misconceptions and negative stereotypes commonly associated with the construction industry. Phrases like dead-end job, ditch digger, fifty-hour weeks, and no benefits are working against you as an employer. If you can create an occupation of effective training and potential mobility where people feel valued, you will find locating good St George construction employees a lot easier. Have a system where all of your people, no matter their position, can voice their opinions and influence change within the company.

Do more than simply making phone calls and placing ads. Make active recruiting part of what you do if you aren’t already. Let your community know that starting small can lead to career opportunities at your company. Make sure you have a corporate employee in charge of developing your workforce, someone whose job is to effectively find great people to hire. Consider making your pay structure more diverse, as in pay employees based on results and performance rather than a set hourly amount across the board. Your St George construction employees will give back to you what you give them in dedication and effort.

We understand that all of what has been said here is easier said than done. The construction industry, even in Southern Utah, has certain ways of operating that have been in effect for decades and it may appear difficult to make significant changes. But the facts remain that construction workers rarely have a voice in the company and are often treated as the lowest rung of the totem pool, as dispensable front-line recruits who can be easily replaced. These are the folks who get sent home during inclement weather, typically don’t get benefits, receive very little recognition, and hardly ever get compliments. Yet we all know that construction companies can’t operate without them. Over the last decade, field worker pay has consistently gone down as the majority of other career fields have seen increases in pay. Another unfortunate aspect of the construction industry is that it is notorious for providing sub-par training at an average of 1 to 3 hours per year.

You must defy these statistics and stereotypes in order to have the workforce of St George construction employees that you surely envision. Get innovative, take some risks, and put your company up to the challenge of developing a wonderful work environment. Set goals and work towards them. Make people want to work for you. It starts with the culture you develop inside your organization. You can do it!


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