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Tips For Construction Companies To Win More Hard Bids

Winning St George hard bids can be a tricky game sometimes. There are times when construction companies feel that they did everything right in order to win the bid but for whatever reason did not. Though there are certain circumstances where winning St George hard bids can be out of your control, most of the time winning a bid is based on the actions and approach that a particular company takes in pursuing it. A lot of potential success lies in the way bid proposals are construction by contractors and subcontractors. Here are some suggestions for constructions companies to win more St George hard bids.

There are many different ways that commercial construction companies go about procuring projects. In most cases, it is the general contractors and subcontractors who do the actual bidding and the construction manager, owners, or architects actually creating the work. But when it comes to making proposals to win St George hard bids, it’s the method used that makes the difference. Bidding methods are either traditional, negotiated, or digital.

Commercial construction uses several project procurement types. The general structure has someone, whether it’s the architect, owner, general contractor, or construction manager creating work and then subcontractors, general contractors, or other construction professionals bidding for the work. What differs is the direct method used to solicit bids, whether it’s digital, negotiated, or traditional.

First of all, what exactly is a hard bid? Another name for St George hard bids is a traditional procurement. In these cases, an architect is hired by an owner after which the architect works on preparing documents for the construction project and then solicits their bid for it. A bid refers to the dollar amount that a construction company thinks a project will cost, according to their calculations, including subcontractor fees. Some construction companies choose to organize their bid into a lump sum. While this is a common practice in the industry, it can be confusing to those receiving it. It is recommended to break down the bid when making a proposal so that the person on the other end can received a better overall view of costs, including a full understanding of the bidder’s approach to the project. And remember that when it comes to St George hard bids, your math must be checked and double checked and then triple checked so that there is absolutely no margin for error and that all numbers are totally accurate.

Be sure to be extremely inquisitive during the bidding process. Specific or unusual formatting and/or designs may be at play and you may not be aware of them unless you ask. Contacting others who have been involved with a particular architect or general contractor can be helpful as well when trying to win St George hard bids. Another wise tactic to win St George hard bids is to make your qualifications known throughout the process. Let the general contractor or architect know why your company and your team are the best and smartest choice for the project. There needs to be things that set your organization apart from the rest and that needs to be made clear. This is equally as important as time, materials, labor, etc. They need to know why they should choose you even if your bid is slightly higher (or lower) than competitors. The right choice should be the goal, not price.

The last important thing to remember, after everything that’s been said here, is that sometimes a job is not right for your construction company. Don’t make the mistake of chasing all the St George hard bids that come up. Be selective in what you pursue, trying to match the right projects with your organization.


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