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How To Market A Saint George Construction Company – Part 2

This article is a continuation of the post How To Market A Saint George Construction Company – Part 1.

Marketing On The Go

You’ve certainly scene various business here in Southern Utah advertising for their company by putting wraps and decals on their vehicles. The reason this is is common is because it works. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to help your community become family with your logo and branding. By utilizing a vehicle for advertising and marketing, you taking the best part of what makes billboards effective and making it mobile, rendering it even more effective. Many people who are part of a St George Utah construction company choose to go with magnetic signs rather than wraps and decals. Be sure that if you decide to do this that you put your contact phone number on it using large lettering, preferably on the back of your vehicle. When you put the number of your St George Utah construction company on the back window or door, cars behind you who are at a stop waiting at a traffic light or stop sign will have enough time to view it and then write it down whereas if you only put your number on the side of the vehicle, the calls will not be as numerous because cars driving side-by-side or passing you don’t have time to jot it down or type the number into their phone. Also be cognizant of where you park when driving a “marketing vehicle”. Improper parking will waste the potential for more eyes to notice. Always park directly in front of job in a way that emphasizes your decal/wrap. Neighbors living on the same street of a home where you’re engaged in a job are more likely to call you. Don’t park in such a way that hides the St George Utah construction company phone number and logo if you can help it. High traffic areas are obviously the best.


Every St George Utah construction company absolutely must network in as many ways as possible in order for the people in your city to learn about you. Join networking groups and clubs. Attend city council meetings. Find out when socials and events of any kind are taking place and attend. Another great networking opportunity that many companies in all industries seem to forget quite often is the local Chamber of Commerce. Mingling, making friends with strangers, and purposefully rubbing elbows with was many influential people as possible may or may not be uncomfortable for you, and perhaps you might think that your time could be better spent elsewhere. But trust us on this one. It is a fantastic use of your time. Get as much exposure and in front of as many local VIPs as you can. If you want people to talk about you and your St George Utah construction company, you first need to talk to them. This is how word-of-mouth begins. Part of schmoozing the local bigwigs is having good-looking business cards for your St George Utah construction company to hand out. Get them into the hands of anyone and everyone. You will see results from this in the form of referrals if you put in a perpetual and concerted effort.

Print Publications

The effectiveness of magazines and other print publications for marketing and advertising is still very much relevant despite what you might think given the predominance of electronic and digital media outlets in our modern business world. A St George Utah construction company that takes advantage of local publications will have a leg up on the competition who doesn’t. Find out what quarterly or monthly materials go out in your area and place ads for your St George Utah construction company. You should easily make your money back in the form of one or two referrals, and the revenue from those will probably exceed what you spend on publication ads.

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