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The 10 Worst Songs About A Saint George Construction Provider

Don’t get me wrong.  It’s not that every Saint George construction provider has a bad reputation; some have stellar reputations for quality, service, integrity, etc.; however, when something awful happens in a project, it makes you want to weep and wail, so you might as well put your frustrations to song.  In fact, there should be some songs to help us musically decry the mistakes. They’d be a healthier outlet for stress than yelling or seeking retribution. Sometimes, it takes a song to remind us not to subject ourselves to the same mistake twice.  This article presents the ten worst songs about (some) Saint George construction providers.

1.“Oops, I botched it again.”

This little ditty is pretty self-explanatory.  Some construction workers just have a tendency to make more mistakes than others.  Something doesn’t fit, something broke during installation, shingles and drip edges were not right, somebody didn’t read the details of the plans well enough.

2.“I wanna hold your land.”

What can really drive you nuts is when the company lacks the assets to complete the job on time, drawing out a six-month project to two years.  This can cost a lot of money, especially if the facility is a business venture that needs cash flow by a certain date. The Saint George construction provider who prolongs progress for various reasons is effectively holding your land hostage, and there’s little, outside an attorney’s threats, that you can do about it.

3.“Ooo, driving my wife away.”

Remember to sing this song to your construction manager when all the stress he caused is too much for your wife to bear.  She quarrels with you, blames you, and gets out of Dodge for calmer, greener pastures.

4.“Workin nine to five, what a way to make a building!”

This tune applies to companies who think the workers should have banker’s hours, and they take two-hour lunches!  There’s simply not enough work getting done in only six hours of labor per day.

5.“It ain’t no safety thing to me.”

Saint George construction provider could have weak policies and procedures for safety.  Being lackadaisical about safety hazards means more work injuries for workers who have families that depend on their incomes.

6.“Growing pains won’t stop me.”

When a construction company looks too much at dollar signs, they often accept more jobs than they can efficiently handle.  If manpower, equipment, and other resources fall short of the demand that has been contracted, everybody involved is in trouble.

7.“Water, water, cool, rare, water.”

Believe it or not, this mistake happens all too often, especially in hot regions of the country.  Some workers are responsible enough to bring plenty of water to drink, but when it’s supposed to be provided by the construction company, overlooking it can lead to heat exhaustion and even lethal heat stroke.

8.“I’m proud to be an Okie from Muskogie.”

Well, to continue the lyrics, “We don’t smoke marijuana in Muskogie,” but the point here is that when a Saint George construction provider underestimates or overestimates terms in the contract, you’re tempted to ask what they were smoking when they made and signed the deal.

9.“I like ‘em all.”

This song refers to companies that appear to hire anyone and everyone, the first warm body that comes forward.  By not checking references, experience, or requiring urine samples for drugs, the company usually ends up paying a costly price.  An incompetent, undependable, or unstable worker can cause more problems than they solve.

10.“I didn’t see that comin’.”

When a Saint George construction provider fails to foresee and expect delays, it can not only break the assembly line of subcontractors but also cause riffs in relationships which affect the future of the business.


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