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The Seven Construction Jobs in Highest Demand

With the forecast that the construction industry will continue to grow through 2020, it presents an appealing place for job training and employment. Some construction jobs require only mental work, and others require both mental and manual labor, so you can take your pick that suits you. This article presents the seven construction jobs in highest demand in America.

1. Cost Estimator

The cost estimator is one of the “hands-off” types of jobs in the construction field, and the demand is strong. Some college education, ability to navigate cost estimator software, and financial budgeting experience are qualifications that should get you into the profession.

2. Construction Manager

A construction manager is not only one of the construction jobs in highest demand, but also is one of the best paying jobs. It is common to earn a six-figure income as a construction manager, and the prospective job market is good. It should continue in high demand, especially considering the many government contracts being offered. Construction managers coordinate and supervise projects from schools to bridges to houses. Many colleges offer a bachelor’s degree in construction management.

3. Plumbers

Plumbers make a good living, and the demand for plumbers is ever increasing. If you own a company that specializes in plumbing for construction, well, that’s where the big bucks are. Now that the baby boomers are beginning to retire by the millions, there is a great need for tradesmen like plumbers.

4. Glaziers

Glaziers are the folks who certainly don’t have acrophobia—the fear of heights. They install or replace windows, storefronts, and skylights at every place imaginable. Ladders, ropes, carabiners are all parts of the deal. If you identify closely with Spiderman, you might be able to do the work of a glazier. It is definitely one of the seven construction jobs in highest demand because not many want to do it.

5. Concrete Finishers and Cement Masons

A job that doesn’t require years of preparation is that of the concrete finishers and cement masons. Most finishers learn it on the job, and some get good at it quickly, while others struggle. It’s likely always to be one of the construction jobs in highest demand because a construction project can’t be done without a good foundation.

6. Painting

Another trade that is often learned on the job is painting, though there are trade schools that teach the art and science of painting in the construction industry. This trade will always be in high demand. For people who want a career in painting, there are apprenticeship programs, often given by construction companies.

7. General Construction Workers

General construction workers will always be one of the seven construction jobs in highest demand, and it’s the easiest way to break into the construction industry. A lot of manual labor and taking orders, you’ll learn the many aspects of a construction project. You can develop skills and make contacts so you’ll be able to determine which doors in the industry you’d like to step through next.


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