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What’s Up With Watts Construction Company

It’s hard to find a company you can feel confident about. So many companies put on a good face by fancy websites and attractive storefronts, but they may have unseemly skeletons in their closet. You try to check reviews online, but you never know which of them were manufactured by friends and family of the company or by a competitor. Online reviews are two-edged swords: they offer the convenience of researching a company in the comforts of your own home or on your hand-held computer, but too often the reviews are embellished by folks who have something to gain. Or an isolated experience written by a grumpy customer can tarnish an otherwise stellar reputation.

This applies to construction companies, as well. Reputable companies like Watts Construction Company are an open book, risking their image by allowing the public to discover what they do, how they do it, and by posting reviews, be they positive or negative. Watts does not shy away from sharing information because it has an admirable track record of building with quality, on schedule, and with excellent customer service. Watts Construction knows who it is, what it has done, and what it can do in the future. There are indeed better ways to research the integrity of a construction company than simply web surfing.

The Beginning of Watts Construction

Doug Watts is the company’s CEO who started building in 1968 when his father, the company’s founder, brought unused lumber home for young Doug to fit into the enchanted world of tree house construction. Doug outgrew the Logan, Utah tree houses, and the family moved to the St. George area in the 1980s to build a prosperous construction company.

The Development

Beginning with some residential work, Watts Construction advanced to commercial projects, like credit unions and large trucking facilities. It has built some of the largest and finest edifices in Washington County, including a fantastic recreation center of 110,000 square feet in Washington City, which has several times been awarded “Best in State.” Watts has built beautiful hotels, factory outlet malls, the stunning new county courthouse, and fine arts building for the renowned Tuacahn, among many other important commercial and governmental projects. Doug Watts has also served well on economic development committees for the region. Watts Construction was so well-established that it weathered the storm of the 2008 real-estate bust, when many construction companies lost their “shirts” along with their tool belts.

The Proof

To become confident about the company you hire for your multi-million-dollar baby, talk to the owners and principals of similar projects around town. You’ll get the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Watts Construction Company wants you to check out their work and reputation, and there are many completed projects where owners will be willing to share.


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