New Climbing Gym Breaks Ground

Contact Climbing Gym held a groundbreaking ceremony to signify the start of construction on the future 18,000 square foot facility located at 2865 East 850 North Street near Costco.

Common Mistakes In Large Construction Projects

Considering the millions of dollars and extensive planning that are invested in the construction of schools, recreation centers, city halls, and hotels, it is critical to avoid, or at least limit, mistakes. Mistakes are not only expensive to correct, but also affect the long-term use and value of such a prominent facility. This article discusses […]

How To Find The Best Construction Provider In St. George

Hiring a construction provider can be risky business, considering all the things that can go wrong in a project. Besides shoddy work, there are other things that tend to bring angst and regret. The time taken to complete the project, the possible safety hazards that emerge because of unaware or untrained workers, overcharging for services, […]

Nine Things To Ensure A Successful Construction Project

Experts say that if you do these nine things, you are very likely to have a successful construction project.  Not only to avoid headaches with decisions along the way, but also you will be able to stay in budget and be happy with the time of completion, the functionality, and the quality of the end […]

Risk Management In Construction

What do you think is the single biggest issue toward success or failure for construction contractors?  You guessed it. Risk management. In any business, you can’t totally eliminate risk, but you can minimize risk and manage it well.  In construction projects, risk management will make you or break you.  Construction contractors face risks of a volatile […]

Stages of Quality Construction In Saint George

Construction in Saint George should be done the right way, and here are the stages of quality construction to look for. You might remember, as a kid, building a fort, clubhouse, go-cart, or even a skateboard.  Through trial and error, you learned that some parts of the project should be done before other parts.  My […]

The Future Of School Construction Innovations Is Here

When we talk about school and education reform, we aren’t normally referring to innovations in school design and construction; we usually mean changes in teachers’ salaries, curricula, technology, or teaching techniques.  But, unfortunately, these well-intended ideas often are hindered by being forced into the same-old school buildings with square, concrete classrooms, hallways, and lunchrooms. It takes […]